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Winter Olympics is More About Spectacular Crashes Than the Actual Events

Over the past few days I have eagerly been watching the 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Italy, but it is not the sport that I have been looking forward to. it is the monstorous crashes. Even though they are fairly common, they still are very interesting to watch. Missed landings, losses of balance, over attempting, and even interference by competitors have all resulted in bruises, scrapes, and even more serious injuries.

While not a very nice way of looking at things, I feel that this is a refreshing change from the repetitivness of the normal, summer Olympics. Although there is a memorable javelin competition that sticks in my mind - an official didn't move quick enough and received a spear to the shoulder. Not a crash involving big air and spins, but very. interesting, none the less.But back to the Winter Olympics, where it seems to me that the competition is more serious than the 'real' games.

In two of the mens Speed Ice Skating (I don't recall its official name) two people were disqualified for pushing their adversaries out of the road. This seems fairly extreme considering that barely anyone is kicked out in the opposite Olympics.Even though so many people are launched into the air to come crashing down again, there is still an enourmous amount of respect for the athletes. I have been skiing myself (only once, but that is pretty good for an Australian), and I know how difficult it is to even remain standing, let alone jumping, turning and spinning. The crashes merely bring the contests back to Earth (literally!). It makes the athletes seem more 'human.

' They too can make mistakes.Yet when all is said and done the crahses are simply entertaining. Pure fun to see someone else, someone you don't know, and opponent, go spinning through the airm knowing that you yourself will never be in that position.

.Russ Egan http://s-bend.blogspot.


By: Russ Egan


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