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So That Ring Around Your Middle Might Save Your Life

If you are a boating enthusiast, the most important thing on the water is your health and safety!! The use of a personal flotation device (PFD), commonly referred to as life jackets is required by law in many states, there are five different types that the United States Coast Guard classifies PFD's into. If you are an avid paddler of kayaks or inflatable boats, you will probably want a type-3 flotation device that is much smaller and more comfortable than the higher types. Life jackets found in the type-1 category are large, bulky jackets found aboard large ships, and have no place in a dinghy zodiac or aluminum kayaks!.If you own an inflatable zodiac or any one of a variety of power boats, then a life jacket that is most suitable for you would be a type-2 personal flotation device. These are usually found on ski boats and sailboats and will hold an unconscious victim face up in the water for a long period of time. This type of PFD is too bulky for kayaks or a canoe, but for extra safety, it may be a good idea to stow one away in your canoe.

The most common type of paddling personal flotation device is PFD-3. They are lightweight, comfortable and smaller in size, and are intended for use in lakes and rivers where there is a high chance of rescue in the event of an upset. This type of personal flotation device will not keep your head up without aid from the person wearing it. The PFD type-4 are mainly rings or other floats that can be thrown to people from boats.

They are intended for use on calm water where a rescue can happen quickly. This type of device is not recommended for use in any type of paddling craft including inflatable kayaks.And finally, type-5 are large personal flotation devices used in specialized sports like sailing or paddling. These are commonly seen in rigid zodiac boats or other types of commercialized rafting craft.

These come in many different shapes and sizes, and it is important to understand their intended use before you strap one on.

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By: Terry Price


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