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NFL Celebrations Out Of Control Time To Stop The Charades

It's become an embarrassment to the NFL the way these million dollar babies are crying and whining every Sunday. Wide receivers yelling at their quarterback on the sidelines, because their not getting the ball on every play, or they took a hit god forbid, because the pass wasn't thrown perfect. The overpaid and uncoachable soloists who often run them selves out of bounds, rather than try to get their team a few more yards, for fear of actually taking a hit that the fans would probably like to see, after all the trash talking by these ego maniacs.

They can never do any wrong in their own eyes, nor will they ever shoulder any responsibility with their own mouths.The NFL has got to put a stop to these foolish end zone displays, beginning with Terrell Owens, and now consistently with almost every touchdown you see. If you're getting paid a few million dollars a year to score touchdowns, then act like you've been there before. You're paid to play football and to entertain the fans with your athletic play, not for acting like a fool in front of millions of viewers. What a terrible example these role models are setting. Whatever happened to the simple spike and off the field you go? Everybody has to one up the next guy.

They probably spend as much time practicing their celebrations then they do watching film for the upcoming game. What kind of idiot plays football with a pen in his sock? Are you kidding me?.This Sunday I watched celebrations that were at least 10 seconds long. I couldn't even figure out what they were doing, it was like playing charades with a 4 year old. What are you doing buddy? Are you driving a car? No, that's not it. Let me see.

We're you doing that "can you here me now?" thing? I have a great idea. How about a nice high five and getting your butt off the field so we can watch the rest of the game. Wow, what a concept.

"Do you mean instead of acting like a mime and behaving like a fool, I should just go celebrate with these other guys on the side lines? Why should I share the spotlight with these mere mortals?" You scored a touchdown; you didn't cure cancer or pull some one from a burning fire. You play football baby, you're not a hero, and you're surely not the second coming of the messiah, although you actually could be hero to the youngsters if you would only set a better example. Nobody feels sorry for you if you have a bad game and you're unhappy with the lack of attention you received. You just made more money playing one game of football then some people see in 10 years or more. Stop whining and do your job. Every time you act out, you take away a piece of dignity from the sport.

What right do you have to tarnish the image of all of the truly great and humble sportsman that came before you, and played for the love of the game and the pride of the fans? Please, somebody put a leash on these show dogs and put an end to their charades. I just want to watch a football game, not a half time show after every touchdown.

.Jay Bartels Is a single Work at home dad of two growing girls. Please visit his site at Jays Plan - Secrets of a Single Dad for a bigger taste of his writings. Enjoy stories of "The Family Guy", as well as "Mister Mom" as Jay tells tales of his role as a single father, as well as the battle he won that nearly cost him his life.

Settle in for a good laugh, and perhaps find a new perspective of your own life. Don't miss Jay's fast growing site Family Health With Mister Mom.

By: Jay Bartels


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