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Mediocre At Best

Before you start jumping on the Vikings band wagon after seeing yesterday's contest against the Detroit Lions, keep in mind that the Vikings are mediocre at best.The Vikings beat a club that is awful. They came into Sunday's game with a record of 3-4. They were hardly what anyone would call a true competitor for most NFL teams. Well they were to the Vikings who are just as bad a team.

The Vikings have beaten other sub-par teams on their way to their second place 3-5 record. They got their first win against the New Orleans Saints. Their second win came against the Green Bay Packers, the worst team in the NFC North.Wow! Doesn't that make you feel so excited that they beat the Lions who came into the game with a 3-4 record? It makes the Vikings feel on top of the world. They now feel confident that they can win the division. Right now the 5-3 Chicago Bears lead the NFC North and are the only team with a winning record in the division.

The Vikings need to make up two games against the bears to have a chance at winning the division. While anything is possible, it's highly unlikely.The Vikings will do their best to win the division. They may even win a few more games and end up in 2nd place.

This would give them a good enough record to receive a mediocre pick in the NFL draft.I think the Vikings should count their losses and ensure a decent pick in the draft. I know many of you are shocked that I would advocate this type of behavior. I'm sure you think that I should be demanding that the team do their best on the field. The Vikings haven't done their best all year and have embarrassed the State of Minnesota on and off the field.

We've come to expect the worst from this hapless bunch of hacks and degenerates.I think the fans should get some reward for experiencing the fiasco known as the Minnesota Vikings. This reward should come in the form of a good draft pick.

This season has been very painful to watch. We've seen some of the worst football in years and have we've all heard of Cruisegate. This team has brought shame to Minnesota.I don't see much hope for the Vikings. I was shocked at how the announcers of yesterday's game were praising the play of the Vikings and especially Fred "I can't even cover a snail" Smoot.

Smoot did look better Sunday but look at his competition. Last week Smoot was covering a Ferrari. Yesterday he was covering a Neon.

It's no wonder that he looked better.I know many of you are probably mad about my negativity of this article and others on the Vikings Football Zone (www.itstherightway.com/fantasy.html) towards the Vikings but I'm being honest.

I'm not sugar coating anything.The Vikings came into yesterday's game as one of the worst teams in both offense and defense. I was only happy that they were facing a more hopeless team then themselves.The Vikings aren't worthy of my praise.

They need to earn it every week. Until they do earn my praise, they will continue to be criticized by this column.

.Anthony B. is the founder and owner of http://www.

ItsTheRightWay.com/ a news, political and sports commentary website.Anthony has over 7 years of experience as a business professional.

By: Anthony Bloch


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