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Increasing the Value of Your Inflatable Combos

If you're limiting your inflatable equipment party business to only on-site rentals, you may be missing out on a big piece of the market. Parents are always on the lookout for fun ways to entertain children at parties and events. Inflatable combos are great fun for parties, but not everyone has the space for a rental and many people prefer to host a party somewhere other their home or at a park where small children may wander off. Many parents prefer an indoor location that offers protection from extreme temperatures or the chance of rain.Taking your inflatable party equipment business indoors means expanding your reach to new types of clients and enjoying a more stable business year round.

Instead of being overbooked in the spring and summer months and sporadic during cold and rainy seasons, the controlled environment of an indoor facility promotes year round party bookings.An indoor facility gives you the opportunity to expand your service offering well beyond the use of the inflatable equipment. By offering fun party food, drinks, piņatas, costumes, and props for theme parties, your can greatly increase your earning potential while simplifying the lives of parents. With food, games, and safe entertainment provided from a single source, parents don't need to worry about juggling a variety of different vendors.When people have a problem to solve, they naturally turn to solutions that they are familiar before seeking out an unknown solution.

With a location that is highly visible from a well traveled road, your inflatable party facility will become an automatic option for parents seeking a kid's birthday party solution. Look for a facility with lots of large windows where passers by can see your colorful inflatable combos and how much fun children are having inside.Word of mouth becomes exponential when parents bring their children to your facility to attend a friend's birthday party. Parents don't just become introduced to the general idea of hosting a party with inflatable combos, but rather to your brand of party fun and the unique attributes of your facility. An indoor facility allows you to create an entire ambiance of sights, smells, and sounds that is difficult for your competitors to rival.

Look for inflatables that allow for lots of movement and activity like inflatable obstacle courses, jumpers and slides. Unique designs constructed from multi-colored material will grab the attention of parents and kids alike. To withstand the increased use of the equipment, it's important to choose well constructed inflatables with reinforced stitching, increased tongue tear and grab tensile capacity, and a solid warranty.Indoor party facilities filled with inflatable combos, obstacle courses, slides and jumpers are cropping up in locations all across the US. The business model is a win-win situation for both customers and business owners. Children's party solutions are always in demand by parents looking for ways to create a fun and memorable experience for their child's special day.

At the same time, owners of inflatable equipment can earn more revenue per party by offering a complete party package.

.Author is a small business internet marketing consultant and the cofounder of nGenuity Solutions.For further info on inflatable slides and inflatable combos visit http://www.inflationcreations.

net where you can find a variety of inflatable water slides and much more!.

By: Christine Harrell


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