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Could the Detroit Pistons be the Best in NBA History

The Detroit Pistons have everything on their side right now. Time, wins, great players and some say they may be one of the best NBA team to ever grace the professional courts of the NBA. What do you think?

Look at Detroit's last season record of 54 wins to 28 losses making them first in the Central Division. Also, take into account the fact that two years ago, they took the NBA title by maintaining outstanding play throughout the season and with exceptional coaching. Will it be the same for the 2005 - 2006 season? What has changed and what has remained the same?

First of all, Detroit's former Coach Larry Brown has moved to New York. Brown is often credited with developing the fabulous defense that gave the Pistons that winning edge.

Brown is also credited with leaving players and fans angry in the wake of his decision to move to New York.

Now, Coach Flip Saunders, in his eleventh season of coaching with 411 wins and 328 losses under his belt, will try to heat up the courts as Detroit's new head coach. Fans can expect to see a combination of unmatched defense as well as a diligent offense providing the scores needed to excel this season. Saunders transferred from the Minnesota Timberwolves after ten very successful seasons of coaching. Will he be able to fully prepare and implement the proper aggressive offense that has been missing in order to secure a berth in the Finals in his first year with Detroit? It is anticipated that he will, because of he did lead Minnesota into the playoffs for eight of the ten years that he was coaching at Minnesota. Offense has always been considered Coach Saunders strongest point.

This should give Detroit the edge it needs to stay on top.

As for Detroit's team members, G. Maurice Evans was added this year. After playing with the Minnesota Timberwolves in 2001, Evans played in Europe until returning to play with Sacramento and then moving on to Detroit. He is known for his superior shooting from the outside, this should give Detroit the edge it needed in the past.

If he is able to mesh with the remaining players this should give the Pistons another dimension that it has been lacking in the past. Richard Hamilton, Chauncey Billups, Ben Wallace, Rasheed Wallace, Carlos Arroyo, Carlos Delfino, Darko Milicic, Antonio McDyess, Lindsey Hunter and Tayshaun Prince remain from last year's line up. There were no key players lost this season.

Of course, Detroit is up against some stiff competition. It is never an easy job to be the best of the best in the NBA, but it looks like Detroit has accomplished this goal. Fans consider Saunders a good coach, but many of them wonder if he will be able to bring another championship home to the Motor City. If Saunders is able to get the players to play to their potential and adapt to his coaching philosophy, Detroit will be a team to be reckoned with this season. If the current players are able to use the teachings of Brown and the new techniques of Saunders this might be one of the best Detroit teams ever.

Detroit is very motivated and highly energized to finish out this season on top. They want to show Brown and the rest of the league that they can win without him and that they are here to stay. If they are able to play with the same intensity they have over the last couple of years winning shouldn't be a problem.

It does help that the starting five Pistons will be returning. Beginning with Chauncey Billups, who would have earned a second straight MVP in the Finals had his team made it through the series, he'll be joined by Richard Hamilton, an established veteran. Center Ben Wallace at 6 foot 9 inches will make the defense glow again. Antonio McDyess will play a prime backup role again.

He is known for his play during the playoffs. He will get help from veteran newcomer Dale Davis. Roster moves were minimal this season but those that were made should be key to the overall success for the team this season.

The only things that could possibly hold this team back would be key player injuries or team members failing to adjust to Saunders style of play.

You can rest assured that the team wants to take the title this year badly, so it is rather doubtful that this team will not give it 100%. Yet, injuries are unpredictable and this could be the only way that this team is stopped. Barring injuries this team might walk away with the NBA title in the 2005-06 season.

Detroit is the team to watch this year. You should see some exciting play, different styles and a newly developed offense to complement the already strong defense.

This team has all the components of a winner including: good coaching, great defense, strong offense, and great teamwork. The Pistons are easily one of the best team on the court today, and it is very possible they are one of the best teams the NBA has ever seen!.

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By: Leslie Sinclair


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