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Bobs venting I tried to tell you in February

Back in late February I was getting nauseous listening to the garbage resonating from the San Francisco Giants training camp in regards to drug user Barry Bonds. He was as usual complaining about his aching knees, when what it really was the withdrawal symptoms from all the "ROIDS" that were being flushed out of his system. I suggested at this time that Barry would not hit over 25 homeruns in 2006, and urged you to place a bet if it was available.

Today it is May 15th and it certainly could not happen to a nicer guy then Bonds as he is struggling big time with a 2.17 batting average , 5 HOMERUNS and a paltry12 RBI's in 32 games and 88 at bats. There is a great lesson to be learned from the faltering decline of Barry Bonds the former baseball superstar.

When he decided a few years ago to prolong his career with the "Clear and the Cream" courtesy of Balco, his goal was to replace Henry Aaron as the most prolific homerun hitter in MLB history.

What he is going to get is a whole lot of grief and be chased from the game, as a less then average major league hitter. The chances of Bond turning this dismal season around, is about the same percentage that the Kansas City Royals have of not losing 100 games this season.

We are all guilty of at least once in our lives of fantasying about some dream scenario, that we have little chance of obtaining.

But we all like to do it. As we have seen in Bond's case, "Be careful what you ask for"!

February article reprint:


It would be safe to say that very few people turn me off as much as Barry Bonds does and as I said a few years ago, I wish he would just go away and climb under the rock he came out from about twenty years ago. On the other hand, this is Major League Baseball and as long as someone is lining up with $18 million a year to pay him to play, why would he go away?

What really blows me away is his whining about his bad knee and how there are days when he cannot tolerate the pain. This is Barry Bonds not Jerome Bettis who is a athlete who has been getting pounded by vicious tackles the past fifteen years and plays a game where he actually does hit the grass.

Bonds has been standing in left field the past several years, playing a sport that requires you to stand in the sun for maybe twenty minutes at a time and every once in a while move a few feet to catch a ball or toss it back to the infield. I'm sorry I neglected to mention the 40 or so times he has to trot around the bases after a homerun, or the 100 or so times he must trot to first base after an intentional walk.

In the past three years he has had a total of 13 stolen bases, so I feel sorry for that man that he had to dive on the soft clay surface that at some parks is like a beach when he stole second base. The man made decision years ago to pump himself up with steroids, that resulted in his head swelling to the size of a basketball and gave him that instant gratification that several athletes yearn for.

Now he sits at training camp in Scottsdale, Arizona sounding like a man that just spent ten years on the battlefield in Iraq. I mean give me a break, get your sorry ass to the gym and get in shape like most normal athletes do and that is with sweat and tears.

As I mention in the title at the top of the page, I seriously hope that any sportsbook offers a proposition wager on whether Barry will hit over or under 25 homeruns.

Most people would think that if he suits up for 100 games, hitting that number is a foregone conclusion, I beg to differ. This guy is going to get booed right off the field and hopefully he leaves the game for good, as professional baseball in America, has enough problems as it is!

Bob Acton

Online Sports Betting.

Article Source: http://www.articledashboard.com.


Bob Acton is an experienced sports writer and handicapper, who has written for the sports industry for over 10 years. His years of writing for Sports Scene, sports consulting on 33 Made for Television and Major Motion Pictures and his work as an instructor at Pro Teach Baseball Academy, have made Bob a trusted and respected source in the sports world. .

By: Bob Acton


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