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Blue Skies for Extreme Sports

Ample leisure time allows for a raft of thrilling experiences inducing different degrees of adrenaline rush from balloon rides to freefall parachuting.Unpredictable UK weather conditions can be a bit of a stumbling block but add a small slice of sun to the equation and the whole extreme sports arena suddenly opens up to encompass many more attractive propositions. A hot air balloon at dawn across the Arizona desert holds a much broader appeal than, say, one over the flats of Northamptonshire and a leap off the soaring mountains to paraglide down to the powdery white sands and glistening blue lagoon of Turkey's famous Olu Deniz beach is something a fair few of us may contemplate, well at least from the comfort of our sun loungers.The great range of water-based UK sports tend to remain the province of more hardy animals. It's difficult to beat the excellent kayaking and canoeing in the cascades of North Wales' Canolfan Tryweryn National Whitewater Centre and the huge windsurfing community are spoilt for choice with competitions taking place year round across the country.But how much more appealing the wind and water sounds if you factor in the sun-drenched Saharan style dunes of Fuerteventura.

The Canary Islands are home to some of the best windsurfing in the world, the combination of calm flat waters and strong, steady summer tradewinds providing the perfect conditions for the PWA Freestyle and PWA Wave Grand Slam World Championships to be held in July in Fuerteventura and in Gran Canaria.These prime watersport heavens are becoming more and more accessible with journey times matching, and even sometimes bettering, those to Devon and Cornwall via the hugely congested summer road network. Flights to the Canaries can be picked up really cheaply see with some great bargains to be had following the latest round of UK travel discounts.

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By: Michael Hanna


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