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Basketball Offense Secrets Revealed

Every basketball player I know is passionate about wanting to improve their offensive game. Well here are some secrets to stepping up your offensive game to take you to another level. For starters, let me ask you are you moving without the ball? The fact is you should always be moving. Never letting the defense find you sitting still. So, I'm going to reveal to you my favorite ways to keep yourself moving without the basketball.

1. Change your pace. For example: Standing, sprinting are all forms of pace.

2. Change of Direction. For example make a V cut. 3. Pop up moving toward basketball 4.

Make Your Pick. Make a pick and roll of to find yourself open for a jumper. See, there is no change of direction without change of pace (slow- fast) Now, push off your foot opposite of direction. Next, lets talk about making screens to get your self open so that you can rise up and dunk or so that you can take that wicked jump shot. First, realize that the most dangerous person on the court is the one behind the ball. Ok, lets dig in to making effective screens.

It's laid out in five steps that are self-explanatory: 1. Give the frozen angle 2. Call the teammate 3. Jump Stop 4. Protect Yourself 5.

Screener Make the 2nd cut Now, if you're the Receiver of the Screen, here's how to make it the most effective: 1. Wait 2. Read the defense 3. Make the proper cut 4. Rub off the screen 5.

Call for the ball with mouth and hands It's better to be a step slower on offense than too fast, this way you remain in constant control. Moving too fast can cause chaos among offense and the increases likelihood of turnovers. Lets talk some more about getting open, more importantly moving, moving with the ball and moving without the ball. Move the ball, Move people, Move the screens!!!! Just freaking' MOVE!!! Here are the top 3 ways for you to Get Open 1. Hit The Lane 2. Back Door Pass 3.

Beat your defender back door Now, intensity and technique lead to hustle play. Be a practice player first, practice properly and quickly execute the fundamentals of the game for the welfare of your team. Sometimes, getting to fancy will do nothing more than cost you points on the board and make you look like a fool in the process.


By: Dave Baker


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